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Armageddon Gear Case Study

A Tactical Approach to Ecommerce

Armageddon Gear, renowned for its high-quality tactical gear born from the ideas of seasoned Special Operations Soldiers and Patriots, sought to revolutionize its ecommerce strategy. The challenge: an underutilized platform that hindered their operational efficiency and growth. Nexa's mission was to migrate their online presence to WooCommerce, enabling a more robust, user-friendly management system for their dynamic product range.

Strategic Implementation for Tactical Success

The migration to WooCommerce was just the beginning. Recognizing the unique needs of Armageddon Gear's operations in Georgia, Nexa developed a sophisticated tax system to handle city-specific tax rates, ensuring compliance and accuracy in online transactions. Custom integrations for payment gateways and shipping carriers further streamlined the purchasing process, with adaptive shipping rates and comprehensive product customization capabilities enhancing the customer experience.

Results on Target

The overhaul of Armageddon Gear's ecommerce platform has catapulted their online sales and operational efficiency. The new system not only simplifies inventory and sales management for staff but also ensures customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience, from product customization to checkout. The tax system dynamically adjusts to changes within Georgia, safeguarding compliance and accuracy. Armageddon Gear now stands at the forefront of tactical gear ecommerce, equipped with a platform that's as rugged and ready as the products they sell.

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