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2016, Premium Lifestyle Brand

Wren & Ivy Case Study

Transforming Wren & Ivy’s Ecommerce Experience

Wren & Ivy, a premium lifestyle brand celebrated for its high-end leather goods, partnered with Nexa to elevate its online shopping experience. Facing challenges with scalability and integration on WooCommerce, Wren & Ivy needed a robust solution to match their rapid growth and luxury brand ethos.

Our Approach

Nexa’s comprehensive strategy involved migrating Wren & Ivy from WooCommerce to Shopify, focusing on a seamless transition that maintained the brand’s legacy while introducing advanced functionalities. Custom mobile-responsive design, Shopify POS integration, and live shipping rate features were implemented to ensure a streamlined, user-friendly shopping experience.


Post-migration, Wren & Ivy experienced a remarkable improvement in customer engagement and sales conversion. The Shopify platform’s robustness allowed for effortless scaling, accommodating their growth. Social media campaigns further propelled the brand, growing their Facebook and Instagram followings to over 5,000 and 6,500 followers, respectively, cementing Wren & Ivy’s online presence.

The Nexa Team

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