Our Process ⏤ Jan 20, 2023

Front-end & Back-end Development

During 'Front-end & Back-end Development,' Nexa's technical team turns the finalized designs into a fully functional website. This phase is where the visual and interactive elements are coded and brought to life. The front-end development focuses on the user interface and experience, ensuring that the website is aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, and responsive across all devices. The back-end development, on the other hand, involves setting up the server, databases, and application logic, ensuring that the website is not just a facade but a robust and reliable platform.

Our development process is thorough and detail-oriented, utilizing the latest technologies and coding practices. We ensure that the code is clean, scalable, and maintainable. Throughout this phase, we maintain close communication with you, providing updates and incorporating any feedback. This approach ensures that the website aligns with both the technical standards and your business objectives, creating a seamless bridge between the design and functionality of your website.